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Design Firm KNUD E. HANSEN USA Inc. has had plenty of wind in its sails through 2014 with a number of new employees

Old Leadership Returned

Douglas worked for Knud E. Hansen A/S from 2007 until 2013 on a variety of projects including Basic Ship Design, Transport studies, and Onsite Project Management.

In 2009, Douglas organized and developed the internal CFD discipline and continued on to open the KEH office in Ft. Lauderdale in late 2010.

After close corporation with Carnival Corporation & PLC on two major projects in 2012-2013, Douglas took a position in the Corporate Ship Refit group.

Following a successful year within the Carnival Group, Douglas decided to return to the KEH US office, as the Chief Operating Officer, hoping to build on a solid foundation laid in first years of the US office.

The future plan for the US office is now to grow it in both size and capability, hiring new employees as needed to cover new areas of interest within the Maritime Industry, where services are currently lacking or non-existent.


What does the position include?

As COO, Douglas will be responsible for business development in North America. Management of day to day operations in the US office, and provide technical oversight on US projects.


What do you expect from the position? And what will you contribute with?

“I see this as an opportunity to explore areas of the market where the industry shows clear gaps, with the support of an accomplished/distinguished (well-founded) design house, as a partner.”


Reasons for returning to KEH?

“My return to KEH was based purely on opportunity. I was at a turning point at CCorp, where the group wasn’t sure which direction it was going to go in due to recent Corporate Managment changes.

I have always remained in contact with my colleagues at KEH. Through my family, and friends in Scandinavia, including colleagues at KEH, I have developed a great fondness of Scandinavian living, an aspect of life that has been missed since moving to Fort Lauderdale in 2010.

When the opportunity to return the US office was presented to me, I was very interested. This was a great opportunity for me both personally and professionally.

The position will allow me to apply experience gained through previous time at KEH, as well as my most recent opportunities at CCorp. to further develop the capabilities of the KEH office in Ft. Lauderdale.

I am excited at the opportunity to reconnect with Scandinavia and return to a Scandinavian company who’s culture is welcoming, with deep roots in Maritime History, and a strong aptitude for innovative design.”


Info on KEH USA

KEH USA has two business units, Design Services and Strategic Planning.

The Design Services B.U. provides clients with customized vessel designs, transport studies, Incident Investigation, Expert Witness testimony and engineering services.

The Strategic Planning B.U. assists clients with project development & project management, focused largely on vessel refit and refurbishment within the Maritime industry.

Clients consist of ship-owners, venders and repair yards, operating in cruise, ferry, offshore supply, offshore  wind and petroleum & gas transportation.


Douglas Frongillo

  • New COO in KNUD E. HANSEN USA Inc in Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
  • 35 years old, American & Swedish married, two children
  • Comes from a position as Director of Naval Architecture in Carnival Corporation
  • The US office employs a group of Naval Architects, founded in 2010. KEH works globally, with more than 75 employees of various disciplines

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