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A long series of cruise ships executed at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam




The Amsterdam cruise season kicked off on the 1st of February 2015 with the docking of ‘A-rosa Silva’, the first cruise ship from a long series which will follow throughout the forthcoming months.

As Amsterdam is a principal stopping and starting point for European river cruises, Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSA) offers the perfect site to execute routine and/or priority dockings for river cruise vessels. The yard’s location is almost adjacent to the cruise terminal with the big benefit of no deviation period or associated costs.

Damen Shiprepair & Conversion offers excellent on site facilities to execute various cruise ship repair and refurbishment projects. Having worked on cruise vessel projects such as ‘Astor and Marco Polo’ (Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen) and ‘MSC Magnifica’ (Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam) Damen has proved to be a successful and reliable partner for cruise line companies.

‘A-rosa Flora’ an identical-class ship of the ‘A-rosa Silva’ immediately followed its sister ship into dry-dock no.1 on 11th February.

Both vessels were at DSA for box cooler modifications with the owner’s new supplied coolers. The modifications conducted to fit the 10pcs new supplied coolers included hull inserts, cropping of flanges, cooler transportation and refitting, new piping arrangement, hull treatment and painting, internal painting and pressure testing of the box coolers.

Following the A-rosa vessels ‘Viking Eistla’ and ‘Viking Ingvi’, two new generation longships operated by Viking River Cruises, entered dry-dock no.1. The vessels, built in 2014, visited DSA for a wide-ranging program of piping modifications, primarily on fresh and sea water cooling systems, fwd sea chest box coolers, aft sea chest box coolers, stern engine room, forward engine room and proviand cooler claim. Besides the piping modifications, some steel modifications to the aft of the ships were carried out during the docking period.

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